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X-rite | Adds products to the Colorchecker family 

Det har gått över 40 år sedan den ursprungliga ColorChecker Classic skapades? Sedan dess har klassikern hjälpt fotografer och filmskapare att se till att deras färg är perfekt från det ögonblick de tar bilden.

Over the years, the ColorChecker line up has evolved from the original Classic, to the ColorChecker Digital SG, and onto the pocket-sized ColorChecker Passport Photo 2, which has recently celebrated its 10 year anniversary.


It wasn't until 2017 that X-Rite developed the ColorChecker Video range following increased interest from filmmakers, amateurs and professionals alike, demanding enhanced colour precision and accuracy within their shoots.


A common request that X-rite received over the years is for niche solutions for long distance and macro photographers. These professionals require a completely different size target in order to capture it more effectively within the frame.


It's for this reason that X-rite is announcinf the new, industry-first additions to our ColorChecker family: the ColorChecker Nano, ColorChecker Mini, ColorChecker Classic XL, ColorChecker Classic MEGA and ColorChecker Video MEGA.


ColorChecker Nano:


The perfect tool for those extremely small or close-up projects, the Nano version of the Classic is only 24 x 40mm in size. It provides a precise color reference for the tightest or most close-up shots.


ColorChecker Mini:


The color reference target that takes up as little room as possible in the image area. The ColorChecker Mini target is 1/8 of the size of the Classic standard at just 63 x 108mm.


ColorChecker Classic XL and Video XL:


This is a larger version of the Classic for when you need to shoot at a greater distance. You can use it at an outdoor event, on a larger set, or for drone photography, with a target size of 53.5 x 37.5cm. There is also a ColorChecker Video XL, based on the popular ColorChecker Video chart, which is currently available for filmmakers. These charts are available with an optional case or sleeve for added protection on location or in storage.


ColorChecker Classic MEGA and ColorChecker Video MEGA:


The MEGA version is for those applications that require the target to be at an extreme distance from the camera. This would come in handy on large sets, for example. You will still be able to be imaged with enough resolution to be useable for making corrections. Target size is an incredible 152 x 102cm.


Links to the products:

ColorChecker Nano

ColorChecker Mini

ColorChecker Classic XL

ColorChecker Video XL

ColorChecker Classic MEGA

ColorChecker Video MEGA







Björn Lidfors | Brand Manager

Mejl: bjorn.lidfors@ni.se

tel: +46708100859


Jakob Lund Rasmussen | KAM

Mejl: Joakim.vahlberg@ni.se

tel: +46701436639

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